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Discover This HUD Specialist's Testimony About LoanModAchiever

This is direct quote from:
G. Mickey from Glendale, AZ. HUD cerified Froeclosure Intervention Specialist

"This product will help the housing counselors to work smarter in preparing and submitting loan modification application."

She says she has personally handled hundred loan modification applications by professionals. However, the failure rates are usual very high. Based on her own opinion, it is contributed by two major factors. The profesionals have no time to educate the clients what the loanmod is. As the result, the clients do not have the confident whenever answering the lenders's questions.

The second is that the clients can't remember exact data after they hand them to the lawyers.They are tongue-tied when the lenders asking for the data.

This cost-effective LoanModAchiever addresses these issues. The e-book will teach you about loan modification from very basic to the advanced issue. This makes you to be the expert in loan modification.
At the same time, you prepare the application yourself, the data will be in your heart forever. There is less chance for you not be able to give them to the lender on the spot whenever they ask for them.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discover How You Can do Loan Mod Yourself with LoanModAchiever


Due to the change in the global economic, many people are out work. Some have income reduced dramatically. Their mortgage payments may be one/two month behind the schedule. However, each of them wants to keep his/her house and to have the second chance.


Foreclosure is emotionally and physically painful. It also causes embarrassment and anxiety. You only have ONE SHOT with your lender to get this DONE RIGHT.

Two Ways to do Loan Modification:

1. Professionals or lawyers


2. Do-it -yourself affordable software such as LoanModAchiever

Why LoanModAchiever is better than the lawyer:

If you employ the lawyer,

- fee of $ 2,000 to $ 6000 per application

- in someone's office

- on their schedule

- no feedback about the approval rate before submitting to the lender

- you are not completely infromed

- no refund

If you use LoanMod Achiever,

- fee of $595 per application

- in the privacy of your own home

- on your own schedule

- feed back about the approval rate base on Federal and Lender Guidelines

- step by step instruction as easy as 1,2,3 , then print, fax to lender and done

- higher successful rate because you know your information so that you can answer lender's

questions with accurate data.

- refund (minus $100 cancellation fee) if the application is rejected within 90 days of puchase

- free e-book

Why this software is better than others in the market?

It is created by a group of people in Phoenix, AZ. They have combined more than 50 years mortgage experience. This software is created by an ex-Intel software engineer. I have either personal interaction or business transactions with each of the co-founders. One of them is my off-line mentor. I trust their honesty. They believe this product so much that they quite their former business to be able to concentrate on this business. The program is highly recommended by one of the foreclosure specialists.

Their Vision:

To Give the American Dream a Second Chance

Their Mission:

To provide the education, tools, and empowerment to the homeowners who don't just hand

over the keys of their houses without knowing their options.

Who are the possible good candidates for Loan Modification:

Loan modification is not for everyone, you are possible good candidate if

- you have experienced a hardship

- you are making less money than they were last year due to career change

- you are expecting ab upcoming balloon payment.

- you are with an option ARM Mortgage which will be adjusted soon.

My Recommendation:

Because of the facts listed above, I highly recommend this LoanModAchiever.

If you are possible good candidate, go into the site

immediately and grab LoanModAchiever because time is really not on your side.

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