Saturday, May 9, 2009

Discover This HUD Specialist's Testimony About LoanModAchiever

This is direct quote from:
G. Mickey from Glendale, AZ. HUD cerified Froeclosure Intervention Specialist

"This product will help the housing counselors to work smarter in preparing and submitting loan modification application."

She says she has personally handled hundred loan modification applications by professionals. However, the failure rates are usual very high. Based on her own opinion, it is contributed by two major factors. The profesionals have no time to educate the clients what the loanmod is. As the result, the clients do not have the confident whenever answering the lenders's questions.

The second is that the clients can't remember exact data after they hand them to the lawyers.They are tongue-tied when the lenders asking for the data.

This cost-effective LoanModAchiever addresses these issues. The e-book will teach you about loan modification from very basic to the advanced issue. This makes you to be the expert in loan modification.
At the same time, you prepare the application yourself, the data will be in your heart forever. There is less chance for you not be able to give them to the lender on the spot whenever they ask for them.

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